My experience as an intern in Barcelona

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Hey everyone, my name is Morwenna, I’m from the United Kingdom and I was an intern with Youth BCN from February to June this year. Here’s a taste of what it’s like to travel abroad for an internship and how I did it….

I was working for approximately 30 hours a week, spread across Monday to Friday. The timetable for each day could be very different – I might be working late one day into the evening, but I could make up for it the next by leaving early. Living abroad gives you a lot of independence, helps you learn more about yourself and gain in self-trust.

My work included some day-to-day tasks like data entry and research, some creative things like creating engaging social media content, as well as having the opportunity to pursue my own individual projects – for me this was creating an English conversation club with young people from all around Spain. An internship like this one lets you take control of your own time and make your own decisions about what projects to pursue, so it’s perfect for anyone who is creative and innovative. I also learned a lot about how NGOs work, such as the process of applying for grants.

And in my spare time, I had the whole city of Barcelona to explore!  An iconic city known all over the world for its culture, I was so excited to finally see the real city after seeing it on a screen for years. Even when I arrived in March, there was so much to see and do from a classy afternoon spent in an art museum, to an evening on the beach, or shopping at cool independent stores in Gracia. And that’s with a global pandemic! As the largest city in Catalonia, I wasn’t about to run out of things to do in my free time!

Spending time abroad makes you more open-minded, more resilient and more independent. Not to mention it gives you some great stories to tell! Good luck on your travels, wherever you are inspired to go.

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