Hola a todos! 


My name is Renara. I am from Russia and since 8 years I live in Rome, Italy.

A few months ago, I applied for a local grant for the Italian region of Lazio, co-funded by the European Union and named “Torno Subito”, which literally means “I will be right back”. In January of this year, I received a much-anticipated e-mail informing me that I had won this scholarship! So, over the next six months, I’ll be living here in Barcelona doing my internship and exploring the Spanish way of life. 

The objective of the program is to promote youth mobility across Europe. The main idea of this project is to provide young people with work experience or training abroad in order to then be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the region.

After looong months of waiting, fighting against bureaucracy, and being immersed in the process of preparing documents I finally got to Barcelona to start a new page in my life.

I started my internship almost a month ago and I see how much I’m going to learn here. 

For now, I am getting more familiar with European youth mobility programs like Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps. I also help manage social media channels by creating content and sharing opportunities that we can provide to young people. I also develop HR skills by assisting in the selection process of participants. Indeed, doing so much different things will be a great way for me to understand where my skills will be applied the best.


Soon I will go to Istanbul, Turkey to participate in Erasmus + Youth Exchange project. Together with other young people from 9 countries with different professional and cultural backgrounds, we will discuss European identity and values, promoting alternative forms of participation, and awareness about the European Union.

I would be happy to share my entire learning process and my living experience in Barcelona to remember a single moment spent in this lovely city. 


Renara G.