Established in 2017, Youth BCN is a youth work association focused on providing empowerment opportunities for young people in Sant Marti, Barcelona, and the young people of Spain in general. Through EU-funded projects, Youth BCN aims to provide international youth mobility opportunities. In addition to that, Youth BCN organizes entrepreneurship, volunteer activities, training courses, and leisure cultural activities to help young people develop and improve their entrepreneurial skills.

Our main focus is on youth work, entrepreneurship, and international mobility, such as internships, volunteer activities, and meetings of young people and youth workers, primarily through Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps. We collaborate with organizations of a similar profile from all over Europe to implement events and training courses using non-formal education methods. Youth participation, volunteering, and international mobility are powerful tools for encouraging young people to take an active role in society.

Youth work

We collaborate with other European Youth groups, NGOs, and international organizations to host youth activities promoting cultural diversity, contributing to positive social changes in the participant countries.

We put emphasis on topics such as bullying, social entrepreneurship, intercultural learning, healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, folklore and traditions conservation, and volunteering.

YE Ready2Work

Our organization is also involved in educational activities for children, cultural events, blood donations, clothing donations for people at risk of social exclusion, sports competitions, fun quizzes, discussions & debates on topics of interest to youth, and other projects aimed at assisting, supporting, and facilitating young people’s creative initiatives.

We collaborate with several universities in Barcelona in the drafting of international projects that promote youth work, non-formal education, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

Youth BCN participates in various EU-funded programs:

  • Erasmus+, the European Union program that funds cooperative projects in education, training, youth, and sports. 
  • ERDF, The European Regional Development Fund, program that aims to strengthen economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions.
  • ESC, the European Solidarity Corps, a program that allows young people to volunteer or work on projects that benefit communities and people all over Europe (and beyond).
  • EYE, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange program that provides an opportunity for young and promising entrepreneurs to learn from experienced entrepreneurs who run smaller companies in other participating countries.
  • Erasmus internship, a program gives students in higher education the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in another European country.


We are involved in providing international and national volunteering activities. Volunteering opens a door to entrepreneurship. It is a method of stimulating initiative, leadership, teamwork, and real-life practice for experimenting and developing self-employment and employability skills in general.

We are a SUPPORT and HOST organization inside the ESC program, currently hosting volunteers and being the support organization to many other Spanish residents volunteers abroad.


We support youth entrepreneurship by organizing and being partners on numerous Erasmus + projects on this topic. In addition, we have created a European Solidarity Project called Sant Marti Empren, a program for young people who want to develop a business or project idea. We help them develop their ideas, skills, gain experience and network with other young people by offering them access to our platform Rebel base.